Print Your Own Business Cards

A business card offers a simple and effective way of reaching out to people and directing possible clients to your company. Boost your company’s credibility through the use of customized business cards. With this quick guide below, you are able to print your own business cards in no time at all.

Benefits of Printing Your Own Cards

Print your own business cards and you are guaranteed to:

  • Provide friends, relatives, and customers your contact information easily.
  • Update your personal or business information effortlessly.
  • Avoid spending on expensive business cards.
  • Design your own business card with different elements and templates according to your liking.
  • Save more supplies and money by printing only the desired number of cards that you need, just when you need them.

Important Considerations and Preparations

So, how to make your own business cards? First, you have to choose the corresponding design suitable for your business. When choosing, consider the following:

How the design suits your business.

Plain and darker shades project professional and commanding tone; while lively and brighter colors gives a more creative and artsy feel. Choose the design that mirrors the type of business that you have. Then, personalize and print the number of business cards that you need.

What image to add.

This can either be your picture, company logo, or patterns – whatever suits your taste and company’s style. Adding an image makes your business card unique and atypical, which can be easily created through the use of blank business card template. Browse and select templates and move objects using the ‘drag your photo/logo here’ option.

Starting the Project

You must be wondering, where can I print my own business cards? For beginners who are very familiar with the Microsoft Word program, here are easy ways on how you can print your own business cards free of charge. Here’s how to do so:

1.)    Open Microsoft Office Word and on the File menu, select New.

2.)    Click on the Tools menu, select Envelopes and Labels, and then Options.

3.)    Make sure that Product Type is selected at the Avery Standard.

4.)    In the Product Number menu, select the 3612 – Business card option, then click OK.

5.)    Choose a New Document and you will see a label template with just the right size of margins for a business card.

6.)    Open the Insert menu and select Picture. Select the photo or logo of your choice from the files saved on your computer. Resize your chosen image if necessary.

7.)    Select a Font size and style for the text. Type your business name and address on the designated field, as well as your e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

8.)    Copy your finished business card and paste into the rest of the blank space.

9.)    Review your work using the Print Preview option.

10.)      Once you’re satisfied by how it looks, save your business cards on your computer.

11.)      Put enough blank business cards on your printer.

12.)      Now you are ready to print. Print your own business cards using Ctrl + P as a keyboard shortcut or simply use the Print menu on your Microsoft Word.






Additional Tips

  • You can make your business cards formal or fun, depending on your preferences.
  • Let this project bring out your artistic side.
  • If you do not have a photo to put on your business cards yet, scan your logo or picture first using your printer or photo scanner.
  • Putting an image of your business or office location can be a good option as well.

If you can afford it, buy a software that lets you print your own business cards easily. There are free downloadable versions on the internet which you could use. And there are also sites that let you create a business card quick and free of charge.