Business Card Samples

A small but powerful tool – that is the best description you can give to a business card. It is usually inexpensive so any entrepreneur, freelancers, and professionals can use this useful tool, even if they have just started to do business. On the internet, there are many business card samples, which you can use as basis for your very own business card.


Where To Get Card Samples

Elegant, simple, formal, big or small – there really are overwhelming designs to choose from. But where can you get them? Below are simple and easy steps for you to find the best and suitable business card samples online:

1.)    On your browser, type in the URL or website address of your favorite search engine. Type in “free business card samples” in the given field. Usually, each site offers three to four business card categories. Among the categories are: Free Business Card Samples, Personal Business Card Samples, Professional Business Card Samples, or Blank Business Card Templates. Choose among these categories according to your preference. And if you are on a tight budget, you can always choose the one that is free.

2.)    Browse and choose the design that reflects your company or industry’s style. Most of the templates available online have the specific graphics, sketches, and even cartoon characters.

3.)    You will need to modify your chosen design, which requires your company name, job title, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and email or web addresses. Commonly, business card-making sites requires a small amount of fee for printing the back panel of free business cards. The said fee ranges from $5 to $10. For other modifications added like calendars, images, or call outs, you will also have to pay extra fees from $5 up to $22.

4.)    When inserting images to your business card samples, most sites will be direct you to a new page. Not all images fit though and uploading logos and images need to suit the size of a specific design layout. If you wish to add a new image, you will have to upload from files saved on your computer to attach an image to your chosen design. This is the best way to personalize and make your business card unique so that it will be memorable and sharable to people.

5.)    After you have added all the information needed, you will be offered with additional promos and trials. Typically, these promos are limited only for around 3 to 7 pages and can promote relevant marketing and business tools. Don’t worry because you are not required to purchase them. But, if you see something applicable to your business, you may choose to read the product details and add them to your shopping cart.

6.)    You will be asked to agree with the site’s terms and policies. Afterwards, you will be advised to choose from their methods of shipping and delivery. Next day shipping fees are usually around $32. If you opt for cheaper shipping rates, these can range from $4 to $6 and arrive after the estimated time of 3 to 4 weeks. But don’t worry, it does not go over 4 weeks. Usually, they arrive 3 weeks after the date of order.

So, you with the above steps, you can now get as many business card samples that you will need for personal or business use, anytime you want.