Best And Worst Business Card

Every person in the professional world, from entrepreneur to employee, should have a business card. Business cards can open up doors when you hand them out to contacts and people you meet throughout the day, as long as you know what the best and worst business card types are.

Guide To Making Business Cards

You use a business card to communicate vital information about you, your business and your contact information. Start with a blank business card template and build your card from there. Learn the best and worst business card types to make your card stand out from the crowd.

Best Business Cards

  • Always include some type of tagline on your business card. Your tagline will communicate what your business does in a short, memorable way.
  • Your business card should reflect your job. If you have a creative job, you can have trendy, bright images on your business card. Not every business card has to be muted and sober.
  • The more unique the business card, the more it will be remembered. Cards with angled corners and unique textures will make an impact.
  • If you’re in the “improvement” business, whether you renovate homes or give women makeovers, your business card can have a hologram that shows before and after pictures.

Worst Business Cards

  • Printing business cards on your own will be obvious and your cards won’t look professional. Since business cards are so inexpensive to have printed in the first place, you’ll come off as extremely cheap if you print them yourself.
  • Avoid using clipart. It’s unoriginal, easy to spot and you run the risk of having a business card with the same exact image as another business card. Instead, use your own unique image on your business card, such as a photo you shot.
  • A business card with incomplete contact information is not business card at all.

Business Card Tips

  • Weigh the pros and cons of the best and worst business card types. The best business cards will be expensive, but they’ll also be more effective than bad business cards.
  • To lower the cost of business cards, order in bulk.
  • The best and worst business card types will have variations of hierarchy. Your name should always be larger than the business name, since it’s more important. The business card logo should be the biggest image on the card.
  • Keep your business cards with you at all times. You never know when the opportunity hand out your card will arise.